Player version 4.1 beta for edelpaper Professional

Since March the 2nd the player version 4.1 is available for our edelpaper professional customers. Version 4.1 is a complete revision of player version 4 and is also HTML5 based. That’s why not only the user interface has improved but also lots of functions have been newly developed. The development of the player has not been completed, yet. In the coming weeks we will focus on stabilizing and improving functions.

As a professional customer you can track this process during the beta phase and we welcome your feedback.


What are the most important changes in comparison to player version 4?

The media bars are now displayed on the left or right side next to the respective edelpaper pages. Media elements that have been added to the left page of an edelpaper will be displayed on the left media bar, the opposite goes for media elements that have been added to the right page. You can also add preview images which will be displayed in the media bars. More information in form of a tooltip will pop up when you mouse over the media element.


How can I test player version 4.1 beta?

If you’re already a registered user or a professional customer you have the possibility to activate player version 4.1 beta for an existing flipbook in the edelpaper settings. Therefore please login here as usual. Alternatively you can activate player version 4.1 beta right before uploading a document. We recommend to create a new document for testing purpose and publish it to an  unused Permalink to test the full functionality. If you do not have an unused permalink, you can view the player version 4.1 beta in the preview. Please note that not all functions are working in the preview.


Which browser and devices are supported?

On desktop PCs the current versions of Chrome, Safari, IE 11 and Edge are supported. iOS users need version 9 of Safari and Android users will need Chrome version 4.4.


Which browser provides the most flawless performance at the moment?

The best performance of player version 4.1 beta provide Chrome and Safari at the moment. Minor issues are known in the current Firefox, IE 11 and Edge. Bigger problems will currently occur on Android devices, especially on Samsung devices.


What functions are already available?

  • page flip effect (not on iOS and Android)
  • page overview
  • PDF download function inside the player
  • single page download as PDF
  • continuous zoom
  • full screen mode
  • full text search function
  • search word marking (not in Firefox)
  • table of contents with title, short description and author
  • upload your own logo
  • upload your own background image
  • SEO information like author, meta description, meta keywords and robots
  • set page display: single or double page view
  • sharing function (social media and email) and download function can be disabled in the edelpaper settings


Media elements

  • media elements can be opened in a pop up
  • frames for media elements (clickable areas directly on the pages)
  • external links can not displayed in iframes directly on the pages anymore
  • videos from YouTube or Vimeo can be embedded and viewed inside the document
  • self hosted videos as mp4, mv4 and mov can be embedded and viewed inside the document
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