Add a media element

On each page of the document you can add the following media elements:

  • links to other websites,
  • email addresses,
  • internal links to other edelpaper pages of the same document or
  • videos

The procedure for all kinds of additional content is the same. Click on the on "enrich document" on the top right corner next to your document's preview. You will be directed to the first page of your document to make your enrichments.

All the documents pages are shown in a thumbnail view. Just click the page were you want to add content. This page will be displayed in the main area. 

Once you click the button add media element, you can determine the type of enrichment via the context menu:

  • select add link to add a link to another web page or an email address
  • to embed a video, click the option add video
  • select the option add internal link if you want to link to another page of your document.

Depending on the type of the media element a form opens up in which you can specify a title and a description text or add an URL. Once you have all information inserted, please click the save button. The additional content is now available in your document. All the added media elements on a page are displayed in the main panel on the right hand side. You can edit media items by clicking on the pencil icon next to the title. To delete an entry click on the trash icon.

Please don't forget to save your changes!


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