Changing the player functions


If you have created a new edelpaper, all available functions of the edelpaper player are enabled by default. To view these functions first click on "Settings".

Next choose the index tab "Menubar Settings".

Enable fullscreen button: If the function is activated, the Full Screen button in the player is available. If this button is clicked, the document is displayed in full screen, meaning on the entire screen. Generally, however, it is not possible to start a document in full screen mode.

Disable normal view: If this function is enabled, the button Normal view is displayed in when the document is in full screen mode. By clicking on this button, the full screen of the document is terminated. If the full screen function of the player is active, this function should also be set to active, so that readers can easily return to the normal display size.

One application for which you would disable this feature, for example, could be a presentation at a trade show. When the document is displayed on a screen, visitors can not exit full screen mode.

Enable search field: If the search is on, you can use the input field of the player for text searching. Additionally, you can search for specific words in the document. To do this, enter a term in the search box and press the Enter key. All pages where this term occurs, will be displayed.

The following should be noted: The search function is not available in the preview mode! It is accessible only in the published document. Searches and strings have to contain at least 3 characters. The space serves as a separator between two terms.

Download entire PDF file: When enabled, the button download is available in the reader. By clicking on this button the PDF file from which the document was created from, can be downloaded. Since these are always unprotected PDF files (without password protection), you should carefully consider if you want to allow your readership this access. This function is not available in preview.

Show table of contents: If this function is enabled, the button content is available in the reader. By clicking onto this button, the contents of the document displays, in the case that a table of contents was created.

Enable share function for social networks: When enabled, viewers of your edelpaper flip book are able to spread your interactive document on social networks.

Do not forget to save your settings.

Watch our video tutorial:

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