Simple and fast - the edelpaper wordpress plugin

With our edelpaper wordpress plugin (formerly known as our 1000°ePaper plugin) you can turn your PDF files into online publications with flip effect, simple and fast in only 3 steps.

Make your brochures, magazines, catalgoues - any publication - accessible to your readers, fans, customers or business partners, on PC and mobile, too.

edelpaper lets you:

  • flip through your interactive online document
  • add your own branding (logo and background image)
  • share your content in social networks
  • create a clear and well arranged table of contents
  • enrich your document with videos, external and internal links

By the way, edelpaper is completely partner add free and can be downloaded as a ZIP file for self-hosting purposes (you need a Download credit).

Link to wordpress plugin information:

Try out our Free plan or choose the smart Professional plan!

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