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How to get started?

Download the plugin from wordpress marketplace to your wordpress installation. The first time you access the newly created edelpaper section in your control panel, you will be asked for registration. Registering with our service is free of charge and without obligation, but yet necessary to provide every user with their respective edelpaper-publication. After successful registration you can immediately start uploading your PDF file and your first edelpaper-publication will be created. Finally you can embed it into your blog.

How about the document quality and filesize?

The online document can only be as good as your given PDF. Save your document as an for web sites optimized version. 

We recommend using the PDF/A-1b format. Single pages (not spreads) in one PDF. The fonts used in your document need to be embedded in the PDF-file. Don't use very complex vector graphics within your document. Preferably 150 dpi resolution.

It is possible to process higher dpi values but the quality experienced by the reader won't increase noticeably while viewing common document sizes. Whereas the file size will increase noticeably. Make sure all pages are the same size. If not, some pages might be cut off, due to the automatic correction by the player.

The edelpaper system is designed to convert any publication dimensions and represent your publication as a true reflection of its print counter part. It does not matter if your publication is a tabloid magazine, broadsheet newspaper, square, A3, A4 or A5. Whatever its shape, our system will interpret and convert.

There is a maximum file size of 600 MB/publication. For your own convenience and upload time, they should be as small as possible. Note however, that there is no converter that down- or upscales the files to a specific dpi-value.

Are there any costs for the use of this plugin?

Using this plugin is free of charge and without obligation. For the moment, every user is provided with one free ePaper channel to publish documents and evaluate our service.

How can I use more then one channel?

Further channels can be purchased by clicking the upgrade button. You can subscribe to as many channels as you need. You can change that number as often as you want to.

The payment is realized with Paypal monthly subscriptions. A detailed Page in our Plugin will list all details about that.

Whats the difference between the free-for-use and free-of-charge channel and the first payed channel?

According to the terms of use of 1000grad (the company behind edelepaper) that free-for-use channel does have some restrictions. So f.i. please take care that your online document doesnt have more than 5000 pageviews per month.

Can I integrate other edelpaper products, i.e. a purchased edelpaper professional?

Yes, of course. When using shortcodes you can also link to existing edelpaper documents. Use this with the URL to your edelpaper:

[ePaper url=http://....]


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  • Avatar
    Todd Horne

    If I purchase a $54 dollar package, I self host it, and it has all of the features of present paid demo? Any more features? Can I publish as many branded pages as I want into that one publication? Or, is there a page limit. Am I correct in assuming that each page can be shared individually an also embedded? Thank you!

  • Avatar
    edelpaper support team

    Hello Todd,
    sorry that you had to wait for an answer so long. By purchasing the $54 Dollar package you`re buying the download credit package which includes 10 download credits per month. And yes, you are able to enrich your edelpaper with all the extra features like adding videos, links and picture galleries.
    Is there a limitation to the number of pages for your publication? - Avoid documents with more than 2000 pages in total. Please notice that the used PDF filesize is limited to 100 MB and for optimal results while processing PDF files, you should always use PDF files that are optimized for web usage.
    I hope that information was helpful to you.