How to convert PDF: Double page to single pages

Often printed matter, like catalogues, magazines or newspapers, are created as double pages. That means that the content of two pages can be found at one PDF page, the order is prepared for the next steps of the printing process.

To create an edelpaper it´s necessary to have only single pages for the uploading process. Before you can create an edelpaper, you have to convert all your double pages into single pages. We highly recommend “Acrobat XI” for Windows and Mac. At least as a test version you can try this tool for free. Single PDF pages with Acrobat XI

After you installed Acrobat XI successfully, open your double pages-PDF with the software. Browse to a double page in your document and ascertain the page width. You´ll find this information by clicking “Features” in the menue. It´s located under the tab “Data”. Or you simply click the key combination Strg and D to open it. After that, please open the menue “Printing” and choose “Adobe PDF” as main printer. It was already installed automatically earlier. Click the button “Printing properties” and choose the point “Adobe PDF settings”. Here you´re able to add page formats for your PDF. Fill in the same size for height, but only half of the width of your double page and go back to the printing dialogue. There please pick “Poster” under “Fit to site”. As value for the scale enter 99,9% and click “Only split large pages”. Now you can see a broken line in the middle of the double pages in the preview picture.

Finally, click “Print” and follow the command prompts. So you get a new document, consisting of single pages, which you can use to create your own edelpaper. Certainly, you can use other software to generate single-PDF-pages. Only make sure that you´re able to set the page size and you have a PDF printer on your PC.

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