Turning PDF files into interactive documents

Transform your PDF into an interactive edelpaper flip book in just 3 simple steps.

1. Choose a PDF file. The file's size should not exceed 50 MB, the format should be A/-1b (optimized for PC/web), it should not be password protected or encoded and each page of the PDF should be set as a single page.

2. Enter a name for your edelpaper flipping book. The title for your edelpaper flipping book appears in the edelpaper player during the loading and will be indexed as a title (meta-title) in search engines or social networks.

3. Enter your E-Mail address after the rendering and creation of your edelpaper flip book. You will get a link to your finished interactive document via E-Mail and you are able to use this link 30 days for free, you can share it or use it to coordinate with your customers and colleagues.

If you want to enrich your edelpaper flip book with multimedia content we advise you to subscribe to the edelpaper Professional plan or to purchase a Download Credit.

Try it out now free of charge!

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