Add a link or an email address

Add a link or an email address

To add a link or an email address, click on the media element and select Add link. Enter the full URL to the website, which is to be opened (e. g. into the link address field.

If you want to link an email address, however, enter the email address in the link address field. Put the HTML tag mailto: before this email address, i. e. in the form If this enrichment is clicked by a reader, the default email application will open up on the computer of the reader and he may contact the address easily.

In the field page, you can specify in which browser tab the link should be opened: in a new one, in the same one or in the parent tab. If you specify a title, it will be displayed in the media box. You can also select an icon that is displayed next to the title in the media box, such as the symbol for a link.

The description text is displayed when the reader moves the mouse over the item in the media box or the scope of the element. You can also set whether the additional content should be displayed only in the media box, just over a frame or both in the media box as well as in a frame.

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