Creating an interactive document

Creating an interactive document

To create a new document just log in to the workspace, click one of the available blue plus signs and simply drag and drop your PDF file into a free slot. 

For optimal results while processing PDF files, you should always use PDF files that are optimized for web usage. The document must not be password protected and the filesize is limited to 100 MB. Avoid documents with more than 2000 pages in total.

Now select a title for your document. This title will be used as the general title for the document and will appear in the browser e.g. as name for the tab. If you do not specify a title, the filename of the document will automatically be used at this point.

Last but not least choose between Player version 4 (HTML5 player) or Player version 3 (Flash).

You can start the transformation of your PDF file into an edelpaper document now by clicking the 'create edelpaper'-button.

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