Positioning a frame

Positioning a frame

For any additional content you add to a page, you want to define a clickable area on this page (= frame). Frames are highlighted in gray for the reader, as soon as they move the mouse over it. By clicking on this area, external links or videos are opened, or the document flips to the specified page of the edelpaper.

A frame is displayed on the page in the main area of the document. Click in the center of the frame and hold down the mouse button to drag the frame to the desired location on the page and then release the mouse button.

Choose whether your frame should be displayed only in a frame or in a mediabox and frame.

You can adjust the frame to size by clicking the small rectangles along the edge of the frame and drag it to the desired size.

Once you save your settings, the respective additional content can be reached via the frame of the document. You can check this behavior in the preview.

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