Click onto “Subscription” and you will get a detailed overview of your current plan at the edelpaper service. Go ahead and manage your subscription plan easily.

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    • How can I manage my subscription at the edelpaper service?

      If you want to manage your subscription - just login to your Workspace and mouse-over your name in the menu bar (upper right hand corner) and click on “Subscription”. Now you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription easily.
    • How to purchase a Download Credit without a Professional plan subscription

      Login to your edelpaper Workspace. Click on the number next to "Downloads" in the navigation bar on top. Select the payment method of your choice - credit card or PayPal. Fill in your billing adress and choose the number of Download Credits you want ...
    • How do I upgrade form edelpaper Free plan to edelpaper Professional plan?

      Login to your edelpaper Workspace. Mouse-over your name in the menu bar (upper right hand corner) and click on subscription. A new window will open up and you can upgrade to the edelpaper Professional plan. Now you only have to enter your billing ...
    • Open The User Menue

      Login to your edelpaper Workspace. In the navigation bar in the upper right hand corner you will find your Account name (this is the name you signed up with). When you mouse over your name a drop down menu will open up. This drop down menu has 8 ...